SPA Purification Aroma humidifier


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  • The power port and vent design on the bottom of the ABS material drop prevention base allows you to use a silicone rubber pad to stabilize it without slipping. (The essential oil cannot be transported due to logistics and transportation)
  • The wood grain design makes the diffuser beautiful and beautiful and is the perfect decoration for your home, office, and hotel. Let you enjoy this multi-function oil diffuser in your free time.
  • Ultrasonic aromatherapy has the advantages of uniform aroma and improved air efficiency; energy saving, power saving, power consumption is only 1/10 to 1/15 of electric humidifier; cold washing, cleaning jewelry, etc.
  • Ultrasonic atomization produces negative ion sterilization and dust removal to improve air quality; humidification, beauty, and clean water are converted into cool water mist; ultrasonic can also clean jewelry adjustment indicators, PP material water tank is designed for essential oils, it is easy to clean and non-toxic. Power adapter water power-off protection reverse power circuit overcurrent protection certification standard adapter security
  • Protecting the comfort and natural aromatherapy life, enjoying the body and mind, moisturizing the ecological beauty from eternal life, blending nature and life


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