Universal Remote Gate Duplicator – 433MHz 4ch

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Product Description

Universal 4-channel remote control with the integrated duplicator.

It allows you to control 4 fixed code receiver functions or to duplicate 4 different codes on each channel corresponding to the button.

Ideal for managing radio-controlled self-learning control units with fixed code or for having 4 commands of two or more remote controls (or more buttons of it) in a single remote control. N.B. It allows duplicating ONLY fixed code remote controls (no rolling code).

If in doubt you can contact us. Equipped with led indicating transmission and copy.


By keeping “A” and “B” pressed simultaneously for a few seconds until the LED is signaled, the pre-recorded codes (factory or from previous duplications) will be deleted.

To record the code, simply take the remote control to be duplicated and activate the transmission of the channel to be copied and press while holding down the key in which to record the code (eg A, B, C, D). During dubbing, keep the two remote controls very close together, possibly with the back resting on each other.


Manageable channels 4 Recordable codes 4 Working frequency 433MHz Integrated duplicator Factory finished with 2 different pre-recorded codes for button “A” and “B” Battery power supply 27A 12V Complete with carabiner for keyring attachment


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