Voice Control Backlight LCD Clock


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Function Description:
1. Time display: Time (12/24 hours) Date (2000 – 2099) Week (7 different languages) Temperature display (temperature, degrees     Celsius switch)
2. Alarm clock/snooze function: can set the alarm 8 alarm music optional
3. World time function: can simultaneously display the world time and 16 cities can be set to the local time
4. Timing time: countdown (range 24 hours), there will be an alarm (about a minute)
5. Temperature range: 0 degrees Celsius -50 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Celsius -122 degrees Celsius)
6. Voice-activated backlight function: press the LIGHT button to turn on or off the backlight, you can also open the light within 1-meter clap, or tap the table to open the backlight, the lights for 5 seconds off.
 Product Size: Length 16.5cm * Width 10.2cm * Thickness 3.2cm


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