Fast Hair Straightener HQT-906

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Easily fixes your hair or bother it into streaming waves with this warmed brush Adjsutable warmth settings to emanate a steady temperature custom-made for your hair type.

The fired plate warms equally to abstain from consuming while you train your strands to fall where you need them.

The kneading tips of the brush teeth invigorate your scalp while the teeth themselves detangle hair. Goes up to 230 degrees Celsius.

3 out of 1 capacity:

detangling hairbrush against static artistic iron straightener hair and scalp massager

Activity guidance:

This hair straightener is with an eleven lift fasten and each touch can change 5?. We prescribe that you start to pick the most noteworthy sum and afterward diminish the temperature level as per the hair. Picking low temperature over a perm trim might be marginally slower

Thick hair, for the most part, pick a higher temperature (210-230deg)(410-446 deg)

Increasingly broad hair: (190-210deg) (374-410deg)

Fine hair: (170-200deg) (338-392deg)


Centigrade to Fahrenheit believer: press ” “”- ” at same time