High pressure portable automatic car washing machine, 2 bars


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Power: 1800W

Rated pressure range: 4-6MPa


Model: FLS-1800

Net weight: 10kg

Scope of application: household

Jet travel: 10 meters

Material: Copper

Brush length: 15cm

Current: 4.2A

Application: high-pressure washing

Speed: 2800

Working pressure: 6-10MPa

Water pipe length: 7-30 meters

High-pressure throat length: 15cm

Weight: 10kg

Maximum voltage: 230V

Power: 220V

Type of car washing equipment: 220V high-pressure car washing machine

Voltage: 220V

Maximum flow: 10L/min

Maximum current: 8.2A

Maximum pressure: 10MPa

Maximum inlet water temperature: 50 degrees

Capacity: 1800W

Power source: electric

Type: Single Phase


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