Ingle Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery – 12V, 18Ah


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Product Description
Ingle Lead-acid batteries are suitable for use across a number of industries as well as for general purposes. They are sealed and have many uses, and are ideal for their uninterruptable power supply and emergency back-up.
These batteries are long-life rechargeable batteries.
Features and Benefits
5 years of standby design Float Standby use
Low gas emissions 99% plus recombination
Excellent recovery from deep discharge
Leakproof – Sealed batteries
ABS resin case to UL94-HB fire resistance (Horizontal Burning Test)
Road transport to UN2800 (Batteries, Wet, Non-Spillable)
Air Transport to Special Provision ’A67’ ’IATA’ & ’ICAO’. (Batteries, Wet, Non-Spillable)
Typical Applications
Automotive Industry Aviation Industry
Golf Carts
Emergency Lighting
Medical Equipment
Wheel Chairs



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