Space-Saving Laundry Dryer -170cm


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Simple to utilized and High Quality

Reasonable to utilize Indoor and Outdoor

Dry And Air your Clothes Naturally and delicately

Simple to set up and crease away

In a split second triple your wardrobe space!

Keeps garments slick and without wrinkle

Holds five articles of clothing

Likewise, use to sort out your preferred handbags

Simple on and off open structure

Fits Wood, Metal or Plastic Hangers

Sufficiently able to hold 5 Winter Coats (up to 20cm)

Made of Stainless Steel posts and tough plastic materials

Tallness movable and simple to move

Can hold huge heaps of garments with its solid metal edge

Shading: White

Material: Aluminum

Type: Laundry Racks


Product/Packaging Information
Product Weight: 1.67 kg
Product Dimensions: 84cm(L) x 0cm(W) x 170cm(H)
Shipping Weight:  1.67 kg
Shipping Dimensions: 19cm(L) x 18cm(W) x 55cm(H)


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