Network cable Ethernet tester LAN CAT5 CAT6 tracker




Advanced Network Cable Tracker Tone Generator and Probe Kit with Cable Testing Capabilities like Wiremap, Length, PoE
Network Cable Ethernet Tester With PoE NCV Multi-Function Line Tracker LAN CAT5 CAT6 Tracker LCD Display Measure Length Wiremap Tester

3 Cable Tracing Modes – Digital, Analog, and PoE.
In digital or analogue mode, the tone generator sends strong, clear toning to let you find cables faster. If the cable you need to identify is plugged into a PoE switch, the PoE scan mode will make the cable tracing more precise.

The NF-8209 allows you to do wire map testing and check 5 common connection problems including open, short, cross, split, and reversed pairs, measure the length of LAN cables with a range of 2.5m – 500m, test the info of PoE devices such as PoE voltage, power supply polarity and mode, type of PSE (AF or AT standard).

Port Flash & Switch Details Test.
The port flash feature enables you to locate network ports by flashing port lights on switches or routers and will tell you the connected switch’s info like its speed, transmitting mode, and protocol.

128×64 Dots Graphic LCD Display.
The NF-8209 cable tracker comes with a bright and easily discernible LCD display making it much easier to use. Any cable issues can be easily identified and tracked just by looking at the visual and well-lit tester display.

Continuity test, cable fault test, PoE test, port flash, Rj45 cable tester, CAT5e/CAT6/CAT6a

PoE test and hub blink
Identify which pins are being powered, detect PoE voltage, current, power, and the ability to identify PSE type (at/af standard). Locate network ports by blinking port lights on Hub/Switch, which can be used for 10M/100M/1000M hubs/switches

Measure fault distance? tdr nf-8209 to LAN cable fault distance for accurate positioning. Accurate measurement of cable length, the range of 200 meters, is a professional cabling engineer and finder home repair necessary tools

Cable pass-through test & NCV
Equipped with headphones, easy to carry, with anti-interference hunting mode, can be matched with the remote control to implement 1V1 line, can test the shielded network cable hub flicker and NCV function, test the physical state of STP and UTP network cable. Detect the presence of AC voltage (50V-1000V)

Non-contact Voltage (NCV) Detecting. The receiver (the tone probe) can be used to detect AC voltage presence.

Technical Index
Wiremap Cable type CAT5?CAT6 (STP & UTP)
Test with a switch directly Yes
Max range 600m
Length Cable type CAT5?CAT6 (STP & UTP)
Test range 2~200m
Accuracy ±1.6m
Breakage location Yes
Scan Cable type CAT5?CAT6 (STP & UTP)
Max. signal voltage 8Vp-p
Frequency 130KHz
AC filter Yes
Max range 600m
POE Test range DC 5~60V standard/non-standard PoE switch
Voltage display Yes
PoE type IEEE 802.3af/at
LCD display 12864 Dot-matrix with backlight
Power supply AAA3 (Not included)
Low battery warning 2.7V
Auto-off time 15min?30min?60min?OFF
Voltage protection DC48V 5mA
Max working current

Sensitivity adjustable Yes
AC Voltage detecting Yes
Lamp Yes
Battery type 9Vx1 (Not included)
Low battery warning 6± 0.5V
Max working current

Wiremap Port RJ45
Voltage protection DC48V 5mA

What’s in the box
1 x Emitter
1 x Receiver
1 x Remote
1 x Wired Headphones
1 x Cable Adapters
1 x Carry Bag
1 x User Manual


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