Remax LED Touch lamp RL-E270 LED white


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Product Description

The highly practical table lamp Remax RL-E270 is not just a common light source. It features three levels of luminescence and five levels of brightness that you can choose from. The lamp has a stand that is equipped with a built-in display with a clock, alarm clock, and thermometer. You can also set the nightlight with an adjustable shade. In addition, the lamp can be folded so it is easily transported and does not take up much space when it is not used. The device also features a backup battery CR2032, which keeps the set data during a power failure. You can set the clock, alarm, and other features using the buttons on the back of the stand. The lamp has touch controls and is supplied in white color.

Key Features
A LED lamp – economical and powerful
Features an information display on the stand
Clock, alarm, and thermometer functions
An adjustable nightlight shade
Light source LED
Socket The light direction is integrated
Colour White
Material Plastic
Number of pieces in package 1 piece(s)


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