Telephonic & network cable tester


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Network cable tracker is suitable for tracing RJ11, RJ45 and electronic cables, and also supports wiremap, POE testing and TEL testing functions.
Consists of a transmitter and a receiver, with adjustable sensitivity, LED indicator light and short circuit prompt for more practical and safer use.
Multi-function test mode: support LAN line, break, short circuit and cross cable, And also support STP cable.
Testing a POE switch helps identify which pin is providing power.
Telephone line status detection can test polarity and status including idle, ringing, conversation.
Against DC 60V voltage makes it safer to use.
The LED work light makes it easier to work in dark environments.
The Earphone function helps you work well in a noisy environment.
Widely used in telecommunications network line engineering and routine maintenance work, computer network line engineering and other metal wire engineering and maintenance work.

Power supply: 2x9V layered battery (not included)
Applicable network cable: CAT5/ CAT6/ telephone cable
Interface withstand voltage: 60V
Wiremap function: RJ45
Scan function: RJ45, RJ11
Sensitivity adjustment
LED Light Support
Earphone Support


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