4000W 24V Pure Sine Power Inverter


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This is a 24V 4000W unadulterated sine wave power inverter which can produce 4000W of constant power and up to 10KW of intensity at top occasions (top time hold limit is helpful if more vitality is required to begin an apparatus than for its ceaseless running).

This is an unadulterated sine wave sort of inverter, which implies that the 110 or 230V AC yield agreeably pursues a smooth sine wave and is practically indistinguishable from typical mains power. Unadulterated sine wave yield is far better than square sine wave or altered sine wave yield for running apparatuses. This is on the grounds that:

It is appropriate for a more extensive scope of apparatuses (for instance, machines with electric engines can not be fueled by changed sine wave inverters). It is increasingly effective contrasted with the altered sine wave inverters.

This item accompanies significant assurance and wellbeing highlights, for example, over-release, over-burden, overheating and short out the programmed shutdown. The inverter likewise includes an amazing USB port for quicker charging of cell phones, MP3 players and other versatile burdens.

Item Parameters:

yield volt 100/110/120/220/230/240vac

constant force 4000w

flood power 10000w

waveform unadulterated sine wave

recurrence 50hz/60hz

air conditioning guideline low and high 10%

non-load utilization <28w

effectiveness >90%

input USB yield 5v

dc voltage drove show power and bomb status

input extend 21-30vdc 40-60vdc 80-120vdc

assurance working info 12vdc 24vdc

Wire 20A 10A 15A

Low battery alert 21 0.5V 42 0.5V 84 0.5V

Low battery shut down 20 0.5V 40 0.5V 80 0.5V

Overvoltage shut down 30.5 0.5V 60 0.5V 120 0.5V

Over-burden shut down 6000W more than 10 seconds

Overheating shut down >75℃

Over Thermal shut down the yield

Working Temperature BETWEEN – 10℃ and 50℃

delicate beginning