Meridian Gua Sha Scraping Massage Physiotherapy Device


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● 6 levels adjustable, use different endurance requirements.
● The central column is intelligent and constant negative pressure, magnetic resonance, to avoid sudden large and small suction force, constant force, comfortable Sha.
● Negative pressure scraping makes it easy to get out of Sha, upgrade 28 large and small massage bumps, more delicate and more comfortable with a hot compress.
● Hot compress massage abdominal Lianggong cold, heat micro-circulation technology to form a thermal response to reduce nervous tension and relieve fatigue.
● Essential oil filter piston, which needs to be installed before use. The filter piston and filter cotton prevent the essential oil from being sucked into the instrument, reducing the useful life of the instrument.
● Massage with essential oils is comfortable and relaxing, apply essential oils and massage for 1-2 minutes before using the scraping device, warming the meridians and replenishing qi, and promoting blood circulation. You can also enjoy the SPA at home.

– Color: Red
– Type: USB plug-in type
– Input voltage: 110- 240V
– Power: 20W
– Working voltage: 5V
– Power type: USB
– Negative pressure scraping: 6 gears
– Warm warmth: 6 levels
– Machine size: 110x90x135mm/4.3×3.5×5.3”

Package Included:
1x Gua Sha device


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