Easton 12.8v 100ah Lithium battery


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-max charge voltage 14.6v/

cut off voltage 10v/

Max charge current 20a/

max Discharge current 100a

Key Features:
Energy Efficiency: With a 1.28 kWh capacity, this module ensures reliable energy storage for various applications.
Advanced Lithium Technology: Boasting a 12.8V nominal voltage, it outperforms Lead-Acid batteries for longer-lasting power.
Safety First: The module’s 14.6V charge cut-off and 10V discharge cut-off guarantee safe charging and discharging.
Rapid Recharge: With a 50A current, recharging is quick and efficient.
Durable: Designed for a 3-5-year lifespan, it provides consistent power.
Mounting: At 332 x 175 x 222 mm and approximately 9kg
Expandable Capacity: Connect up to 4 units in series and 4 units in parallel to scale your energy storage.
Ideal for Various Applications:
Power your off-grid cabin, mobile workshop, or emergency backup system , 12.8V 100Ah Lithium Battery Module.


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