Waeco Welchselrichter 1000W 12V High Performance Pure Sine Power Inverter – PP1002


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Waeco Perfect Power inverters are a high-quality product that not only looks good but has top technology and numerous comfort features.

They turn 12V battery voltage into a sine-wave-like 230V AC that can run the majority of electronic appliances.

Waeco PerfectPower PP1002 features:

High Performance Modified Sine Wave Inverter
Integrated Mains Priority Circuit
1000 Watt Continuous Output
2000 Watt Peak Output
Reverse Pole Protection

12V input Voltage 230V output voltage Pure Sinewave Output

Frequency: 50Hz No-load input current less than 0.8A

Continuous power: 1000 watts

Cooling System: fan Integrated mains priority circuit High peak output for especially powerful appliances Can be switched on/off by external switch Output for remote control Individually adjustable clip-on mounts Mounting plate Overload and short-circuit protection

Cable organizers

Exhaust air adaptor 176 mm x 95 mm x 338 mm

Package Dimensions 42.4 x 26.2 x 15 cm;

Weight: 4.66 kg


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