1500W Modified Power Inverter


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1500W DC 12V to AC 220V UPS Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter LCD Display Off Grid Solar Power Inverter Converter
▲This item has a peak power of 1500W and a continuous power of 1300W.
▲With UPS function, automatic switching between AC and battery mode.
▲It has a big LCD digital display of input and output voltage, output frequency, battery, fan operation.
▲Using metal wire-drawing and electroplating technology, it comes with a noble black shell and high cooling efficiency.
▲high efficiency, start with fast speed, Safe performance
▲Best for applying in cars, motor homes solar system, etc..
Peak Power :1500W
Rated power : 1300W
Input Voltage: 10-15V
Output voltage: AC 220V±5% / 50Hz
Low Voltage Alarm: DC10-11V
Low Voltage Shut Down Voltage (No Load): DC10V 2V
High Voltage Shut Down Voltage (No Load): DC15V 2V
No load Loss: <0.2V
No load current: <0.9A
Output voltage waveform: Modified sine wave
Conversion Efficiency: 95%
Dimension: 320*150*90cm / 125.5*59*35.5in
Package Weight: 2450G
▲The inverter can convert DC 12V to AC 220V.
▲12V is generally for cars, or for a 12V solar power generation system.
▲Available range of rated voltage of electrical appliances: 210~230V, 110~130V
▲Safe Range Of Input Voltage:12V: 9.8~15V
▲8 Safety Protection Function:
   ①Reverse polarity protection
   ②Low input voltage protection
   ③High input voltage protection
   ④Over-current protection
   ⑤Short circuit protection
   ⑥Over temperature protection (60°C)
   ⑦Overload protection
   ⑧Internal fuses
-Usual Applicable Loads for Rated Power 1500W:
 10W-Digital Electronics
 20W-LED Lamp
 60W-Compact Fluorescent Lamp
 60W-Incandescent lamp
 60W-Mechanical Electric Fan
 80W-Car Refrigerator (Induction load)
 80W-Aquariums Pump (Induction load)
 100W-Non-laser Printer
 200W-Desktop Computer
 200W-32inch LCD TV
 300W-Audio Amplifier Equipment
 300W-Electric Hand Mill (Induction load)
 300W-Electric Hand Drill (Induction load)
 350W-Non-laser Printer
 500W-Rice Cooker
 800W-Intelligent Rice Cooker
 1200W-Electric Kettle
-Inapplicable Loads for Rated Power 1500W:
 150W-Household Refrigerator (Induction load)
 150W-Sinking Pump (Induction load)
 800W-Microwave Oven (Induction load)
 850W-Soybean Milk Machine (Induction load)
 1000W-Induction Cooker (Induction load)
▲Please Ensure the Rated Power is higher than the electric appliance you wanna.
▲And if you wanna run several appliances at the same time, you should refer to the total Watt.
▲If you wanna run an inductive load for a long time, it`s suggested to buy a pure sine wave inverter.
Package Include: 
1x Solar Inverter
1x 12V Pair of Battery Cable
1x User manual


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